Beef - Eighth Beef Package (40lbs)

Beef - Eighth Beef Package (40lbs)

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Created as a package so you know exactly what you are getting, this package is a great option to fill your freezer. 

Eighth Beef - 40lb Bundle   

 Recommend 3-4 cubic ft. freezer space  

 $300 *** Final payment will be due upon delivery.

2 packages of Cube Steaks

  - or 2 Packages of Carne Asada

1 Packages of Ribeye Steaks (2 per Package)

1 Packages of Sirloin Steaks (2 per Package)

1 Packages of New York Steaks (2 per Package)

1 Package of Filet Steaks (2 per Package)

2 Chuck Roasts

1 Package of Short Ribs

2 Beef for Stew

20lbs of Ground Beef

*** Please note that bulk orders are not kept in stock and will be processed only after a deposit is collected. These bulk orders are only processed once a month and will take 4-6 weeks after the scheduled process date for you to receive.