We are a small family farm in southeastern Idaho that raise beyond organic, detoxified beef, pastured poultry and eggs, and grass-fed pigs.  In today’s society there is huge disconnect with our food.  At a regional farm conference a high school student asked “Why do ranchers and farmers work so hard?  Why don’t they just go to the grocery store?” We want to not only get people excited about their food but also educate them on what they are eating.  We want people to know us as their farmers.  We want people to understand their food and where it comes from. 

According to Dr. Mercola, in today’s households there are on average 80,000 toxins.  It is no wonder why cancer rates and autism are soaring.  We are striving to produce the best, highest quality products we can that are free of those toxins.  We are a farm that believes in what we produce.  If it is not good enough for us to eat, we would not sell it to you.  We ourselves strive to eat only organic and Non-GMO foods.  A lot of “organic” ranchers and farmers do it that way because they can get more money but they don’t truly buy into organic.  They are ok taking their family to the local fast food chain for a CAFO burger and chemical laced fries.

We want to preserve our land for many generations to come.  Taking care of our land and being the best land stewards we can is a top priority to us.  We use an intensive grazing management system that has proven to be healthy for the land and to increase topsoil.  Manure is never leached into waterways but instead turned into fertilizer to increase our pasture nutrition.

We strive to understand what is best for our animals and especially what is best for us as consumers.  We spend much of our time reading and researching how to better our product.  Many ranchers and farmers do it how the government tells them is best.  We have learned very quickly that the government is not pioneering the way for healthy eating or living but that there are many innovators out there with new cutting edge ideas.

Our beef is fed a salad bar of grasses in our never-sprayed pasture.  They are grass-fed as well as grass-finished.  They are never fed grain or corn.  During the winter when the pasture is covered in snow they are fed an organic dry hay, but most importantly they still get live grass every day in the form of non-gmo, chemical-free barley fodder.  They are never given antibiotics or growth hormones but instead are kept healthy and detoxed with organic apple cider vinegar, vitamins and minerals and probiotics!  Our beef is most likely healthier and more chemical free than you are!

Our grass fed pork is hard to beat.  Our pigs are allowed to forage on grass in our pasture which makes them higher in Omega 3 Fatty Acids (the heart healthy fats) and vitamins.  To make sure they receive their green grass all year round we provide them with non-gmo, chemical-free barley fodder year round as well.  Because they are omnivores they do receive grain but we make sure that it is NON-GMO and we try our best to source it locally.  They are never fed corn or soy.  Our pigs are never given antibiotics or growth hormones but instead are kept healthy with organic apple cider vinegar, vitamins and minerals and probiotics!  

​We breed our pigs, right here on the farm.  We use a boar, so no artificial breeding or artificial hormones are used.   We open farrow; which means they have a big fluffy straw pile with no farrowing crates.   The piglets stay on mom for 8-10 weeks-- which is 6-8 weeks longer than CAFO operations.  Once weaned,  they have large paddocks to grow in.  They love to root, play in the wallowing holes, and run and play with the other pigs.  

​We do our best to use only the best ingredients in our cures and seasonings.  We do not use MSG or preservatives.

Good chicken is hard to come by but we do our best to be the best.  Our poultry are on pastures in chicken tractors.  This keeps them safe from predators including, hawks, raccoons and skunks.  Every day they are moved to a new section of pasture where they get fresh grass and new bugs.  Because they are omnivores they are supplemented with a local NON-GMO, no corn or soy grain.  They are never given vaccines, antibiotics or growth hormones but are instead kept healthy with fresh air, a clean environment and apple cider vinegar.